At Cascade and Bloom we make our flowers locally. We develop the design, source the materials and create the props ourselves in Brisbane.


The flowers we create can be used for many applications including advertising campaigns, window dressing, race day events, fashion shows, lavish weddings and more.

The C&B Flower Range

We have an ever growing range of flowers that we have designed. The flowers can be customised to any size, colour or application. 


Here are some ideas for ways in which you can display our flowers:

  • Hang from the ceiling as a cluster or single drops

  • Free standing on a stem of any height

  • Attachable to a wall or partition

  • Attachable to an arbor or gazebo

The flowers are made to order. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Our Creative Design Service

We offer a Creative Design Service in which we design flowers to your specific requirements. We can work with you on an idea you already have or come up with something original.

Please contact us with your enquiry.

Tel: 0481 460 583


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