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Props for Hire

Classic Rose Cluster


Plus delivery - see FAQ

The clusters contain four stunning classic rose giant flowers each with a stem containing a bud or smaller rose. The centre flower is a Peony Rose with two side stems with a peony bud or smaller peony.

(not available for DIY hire)

Quantity Available: 2

Peony Arbor


Plus travel - see FAQ

A soft and whimsical statement piece filled with Peony’s and rose buds. The colours are white, off-white, pale pink. This arbor is the perfect setting for you to exchange your vows. It can also be used to frame an entrance way for a special event, or wedding reception.


Measurements: 3000mm Wide x 2400mm High. The Arbor is one sided. The back of the arbor is draped in fabric to cover the metal frame only.

(not available for DIY hire)

Blush Anemone Flower Stems


Plus travel - see FAQ

A pair of delicate sheer anemone giant flowers in the colour blush. These have been uniquely hand crafted by Cascade and Bloom. 

(not available for DIY hire)

Note: These are not suitable for windy locations.